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Combat Fit Now started off as an information website for the new Army PT Test, the ACFT.

My Goal: 

The death of B.S. workouts in the military.

Nobody likes waking up early to go to a workout that someone made up on the fly.

Nobody likes wasting an hour and a half of their time performing a “workout” that gave them zero health & physical benefits.

Combat Fit Now’s Mission:

Our personal mission is to produce workouts for military members that are 100% Time Efficient and Goal Specific for a Military Lifestyle.

We combine exercise sport science and realistic views from a military member’s lifestyle to give you the best workout plans possible.

Welcome to Combatfitnow.com

Combat Fit Now understands what is needed during PT and outside of work to get you the results you desire.

If you want to know the details of our workout plans please checkout our Training Philosophy

Backed by science and proven through results… These workouts, products, and online courses will Raise Your Standards!

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