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Combat Fit Now started off making fitness plans for the Army's new physical fitness test the ACFT and posting effective workouts on Newpttestarmy.com

Bachelor’s of Science – Exercise Sport Science 

15+ Years of Personal Training

Military Active Duty – US Army

Our company was founded by Robert F Gibson, a personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science from Ursinus College and over 15 years of experience. Robert has served in the United States Army, where he spent 6 years leading large group training sessions and 3 years building specialized workout plans for military members online.

With over 600,000 users in 2022 using Combat Fit Now to get in shape, Robert’s approach has been successful and has helped people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals. So if you’re tired of sifting through all of the conflicting and confusing fitness advice out there, give Combat Fit Now a try. We are confident that our approach will work for you and help you reach your goals.

Our Goals: 

1. The Death of Non-Sense Military Workouts. (check)

2. Bring Proven Workout Plans to the Public (this site, check)

3. Help Solve America’s Obesity Problem (work in progress)

 The Mission:


Welcome to Combat Fit Now, your ultimate resource for achieving your health and fitness goals. Our website offers a no-nonsense military-style approach to fitness and weight loss, and we are committed to solving the world’s obesity problem with guaranteed solutions used on countless personal training clients and military members.

At Combat Fit Now, we understand that the world of fitness can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we provide practical and efficient workout plans and nutrition guidance to help people achieve their fitness goals in a disciplined and structured manner. Our buyer’s guides, including supplements and fitness gear, are carefully selected to support this mission. In addition, we offer a range of buyer’s guides to help our customers make informed decisions about anything they buy.

Training Manual:

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philosophy, strategy, and activities. 

Meet the Creator

Rob Gibson - B.S. Exercise Sport Science / US Soldier.

All workouts are backed by:

My experience & education: 

  • B.S. Exercises Sport Science – Ursinus College 
  • ACSM Based Curricular in College
  • NASM – Nationally Cert. Personal Trainer 
  • 10+ Years – Personal Training & Program Designing
  • Our Premium Programs.
  • A Step by Step Process to Achieve Your Individual Goals.
  • No Guess Work.
  • Strict Guidance. 

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