ACFT Standing Power Throw Exercise List

The Muscles Used in the ACFT Standing Power Throw

The Best Exercises for Standing Power Throw

Perform these exercises to increase your Standing Power Throw.

Top 5 Equipment Exercises

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  1. Band Power Throw
  2. Kettlebell Swing
  3. Dead Up-Right Row
  4. Hang Cleans
  5. Front Squat & Press

Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises

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  1. Squat Jump
  2. Long Jump
  3. Lunge Jump
  4. Glute-Hip Raise
  5. Burpee

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Full Exercise List – Equipment Needed

Alphabetical Order

Below are more exercises you can perform to increase your Standing Power Throw score.

  • Exercise List – Equipment Needed
    • Dead Clean Press with Barbell
    • Dead Clean Press with Kettlebell
    • Dead Clean Press with Med Ball
    • Dead Clean Press with Plate
    • Dead Clean Press with Sandbag
    • Dead Up-Right Row with Barbell
    • Dead Up-Right Row with Kettlebell
    • Deadlift with Barbell
    • Front Shoulder Raises with Plate
    • Front Squat & Press with Barbell
    • Good Mornings with Band
    • Hang Clean with Barbell
    • One Leg Touch Downs
    • Power Throws with Band
    • Pull Throughs with Band
    • Romanian Deadlift with Barbell
    • Shouldering with Sandbag
    • Slams with Med Ball
    • Squat & Shoulder
    • Squat with Barbell
    • Standing Power Throw & Retrieve Med Ball
    • Standing Power Throw & Retrieve Sandbag
    • Standing Shoulder Press with Barbell
    • Swing with Kettlebell (2 Arm)
    • Swing with Kettlebell (1 Arm)
    • Up Right Row with Barbell
    • Wood Chop with Med Ball

Full Exercise List – Bodyweight (No Equipment)

  • Exercise List – Bodyweight (No Equipment)
    • -Burpee
    • -Burpee on Incline
    • -Glute Ham Raise
    • -Long Jump
    • -One Leg Touch Downs (no weights)
    • -Pike Shoulder Press
    • -Squat Jump
One Leg Touch Down with Kettlebell

Single-Leg Touchdowns

Do not use weight/kettlebell