American Get-Up with Sandbag

American Get-Up with Sandbag

To perform a proper American Get-Up with Sandbag, you must:

  1. Press the weight into position: Lie on your right side and hold the sandbag with both hands so that your right hand is wrapped around the handle and your left hand is on top.
  2. Pull the sandbag close to your body as you roll on your back and extend both arms to lift the sandbag over your chest.
  3. Release the left hand and lay it on your left side at an approximately 45-degree angle while you bend your right knee and place your right foot flat on the floor. (Note: Throughout the entire movement, maintain a strong, tight grip on the sandbag as if you’re trying to squeeze water out of a sponge.)
  4. Roll to elbow: With your right arm extended and your left arm to the side, lift your right shoulder off the ground as you curl your trunk to end up on your left elbow.
  5. Post to hand: From your left elbow, push your left hand into the floor as you maintain a straight spine and come up to an almost seated position.
  6. The bridge: Push your right foot into the floor as you straighten your left arm and left leg to lift your hips off the floor. (Note: Push the hips into full extension while leaning on the left arm.)
  7. The sweep: As you hold the bridge position with your right foot pressing into the floor, bring your left leg back and place your left knee on the floor (Note: During this phase, your arms should make a straight line from the floor up to the sandbag to ensure optimal strength and stability of the shoulder girdle.)
  8. Remove your left hand from the floor as you move into a kneeling position with your left knee and right foot on the ground.
  9. Kneeling to standing: Continue to hold your right arm overhead as you press your right foot into the ground and swing your left leg forward (performing a lunge) to bring the feet next to one another.
  10. Return to the ground: Step back with the left leg and slowly lower to a kneeling position.
  11. Place your left hand on the floor and move your left leg to the front of your body as you hold the bridge position between your left hand and right foot.
  12. Slowly lower your hips to the ground before rolling all the way back to a supine (face-up) position.

Video Instructions on How to Do An American Get-Up with Sandbag

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