Burn Body Fat & Get In Army Boot Camp Shape

Army Boot Camp Workout - Beginner Program

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Robert Gibson

Robert Gibson

B.S. Exercise Sport Science
Active Duty - Army

These are the exact workouts I used to prepare for Army Basic Training. I want to share them with you!

Course Description

Quick and effective workouts that will get you into Army Boot Camp Shape. 


You will Sweat!

I love how the workouts got harder and harder throughout the weeks. Every workout left me breathing hard and dripping sweat. Good Stuff. 

Matt Barber

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Course Duration

Approx. 2 months

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$ 19.99

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Course Description

We will use short workouts that are 2 times more effective than cardio alone. 

Through HIIT training we will not only tax the cardiorespiratory system but also the glycolytic system as well.

This program was created for beginners who want to stay injury free and excel to the advanced program. You will get in Army Boot Camp Shape!

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