“Crazy Legs” PT Strength Workout EQP – Lower Body (MDL/SPT #1)

If you want to get better at the Deadlift and Standing Power Throw events, this will be your “#1 Go-To” plan. End of story.

Workout Summary

The 6 –
1. Today’s Objective:Muscle Failure DayRun Day (Condo)
2. Equipment:YesNo
3. Target Area:Lower BodyUpper BodyCardiovascular
4. Exercise Selection:See Below
5. Style of Training:Timed for RepsTimed IntervalRepped Interval
6. Set-Up & Execution:Lanes & StationsCircuit Training Formation
Other Info-
Time to Complete Workout:60 min45 min30 min
20 min15 min10 min or less
Training Level:BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Target Gender:MaleFemale
Recommended Supplements:ProteinMulti-VitaminCreatine
Workout PDF:Quick Save or PrintExercise Instructions
Author:Robert Gibson

Workout Description

This is a Timed for Reps Interval workout. You will have an interval timer set for 60 seconds on repeat for the entire workout. We are focusing on strength (6 or less reps) in the 1st superset. Hypertrophy in the 2nd superset (12 reps). Muscular endurance on the 3rd superset (16+ reps or 1min).

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