Drag with Sled

Drag with Sled

To perform a proper Sled Pull, you must:

  1. Load up the sled with enough weight to challenge you, and extend the rope so that it’s laid out straight along the ground.
  2. At the end of the rope, stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and squat so that your knee is at just more than a right-angle bend.
  3. Grasp the rope firmly in you hand ensuring that your stronger arm is further away on the rope and almost fully extended.
  4. Embrace your core and pull the rope with your stronger hand allowing it to come towards your body while extending your weaker arm out and continuing the same motion.
  5. Keep this as fluid as possible using your back and arms to pull the sled all the way in.
  6. Then, reset and redo!


Video Instructions on How to do a Sled Pull

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