Hamstring Curls with Band

Hamstring Curls with Band

To perform proper Hamstring Curls with Band, you must:

  1. In order to perform the leg curl with bands we will need to lay belly to the ground.
  2. Tie the bands somewhere near to the ground, as if you tie it too high it will slip from your feet on the execution.
  3. Place the bands in your feet (one band in each foot). If you place the bands correctly it shouldn’t slip along the movement. If you can’t access two bands you can do it with a single leg.
  4. Move yourself to a distance where you feel some tension.
  5. Pull with your legs until as far as you can, hold the position for half a second in the final part and release.
  6. You can hold yourself to the ground with your hands.


Video Instructions on How to Do Hamstring Curls with Band

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