Hang Clean with Barbell

Hang Clean with Barbell

To perform a proper Hang Clean with Barbell, you must:

  1. Stand with the feet hip-width apart while tightly holding a barbell at the waist with the hands approximately shoulder-width apart
  2. Bend slightly at the hips while keeping the back straight
  3. Lower the bar to slightly above the knees
  4. Explosively elevate the shoulders and drive the hips forward, and pull the bar upward.
  5. As the bar passes the belly button, pull the body forcefully down under the bar and snap the elbows forward.
  6. Slide the feet out to slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  7. Drop the hips below the knees to catch the bar on the front of the shoulders (so the palms are facing the ceiling with the elbows pointed straight ahead.)
  8. Stand all the way up.
  9. Lower the bar back to the starting position under control.


Video Instructions on How to Do a Hang Clean with Barbell

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