Hill Sprint

Hill Sprint

To perform a proper hill sprint, you must:

Make sure you are in proximity of a hill with a reasonable incline.

Make sure the hill is on an incline between:

  • 5 degrees minimum
  • 12 degrees max

How to perform Hill Sprint instructions

Do your first sprint at about 70% intensity, then increase. Don’t exert yourself to the full level of your capability right off the bat. Doing so can lead to injury, especially if you’re not using proper form or your muscles aren’t sufficiently warmed up.[6]


For your second sprint, increase to 80% intensity; after this, if you’re not experiencing joint or muscle pain (which are signs that you need to back off), you can increase to total or near-total intensity for the remainder for the session. Pain while sprinting could signal that you need more warm-up time or that you’re not using proper form.


How to perform Sprint video

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