Push Up on Incline 1

Incline Pushups

Small Incline = Harder
High Incline = Easier

To perform Incline Push-Ups properly, you must:

  1. Stand in front of your box or bench, then squat or bend down and place both hands on either side of it with your fingers pointing forward. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Once your hands are in the right position, step your body back into a plank position, one leg at a time.
  3. Make sure your body is in a straight line, your head is aligned with your spine, and that your lower back isn’t sagging before continuing. Looking a few inches ahead of you, rather than down at the box, can help keep your body straight.
  4. Next, bend your arms to help you slowly lower your chest toward the box.
  5. Straighten your arms to bring yourself back up into a straight line.
  6. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets to start. You can increase the repetitions within each set as you get stronger.


Video Instructions On How To Do Incline Push-Ups

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