To Jog properly, you must:

  1. Squeeze – Bend your elbows to about 90 degrees and squeeze them to your sides while keeping your hands relaxed. Keep that bend in your elbows as you run and avoid twisting your upper body or driving your arms across your body.
  2. Drive – Drive your arms from the shoulders and not from the elbows. This will increase your power and running efficiency. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed.
  3. Lift – Lean forward slightly from the ankles, not from the waist.
  4. Attempt to lift your knees a little higher as they swing forward.
  5. Keep your head level and avoid excessive bouncing as you run.
  6. Strike the ground first with your heel, and then roll toward the ball of the foot, pushing off with the front of your foot.

Video Instructions on Jog

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