Military Beginner Workout – Run

This is the best Military Beginner workout for when you start to run. We need to understand an inactive body can not get up and start running long distances. At this stage in the program, we have worked ourselves up to an endurance where we can run a full mile. Push yourself to get comfortable with your run. Do not worry about running fast. We are focusing on form.

Workout Summary

Program Boot-Camp Ready!
Main GoalBeginner Workout / Prepare for Basic Training
Workout TypeRun / Conditioning
Training LevelBeginner/Novice
Program DurationAs long as needed.
Time per Workout<60 min
Equipment NeededNA
Target GenderMale & Female
Recommended SupplementsWhey Protein & Multi-Vitamin
AuthorRobert Gibson
Military Beginner Workout – Run

Military Beginner Workout for Running

Run/Jog1 MileNo Walking1
Military Beginner Workout – Run

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