Military Exercise Database

Military Exercise Database
Military Exercise Database

Welcome to the largest and most comprehensive Military Exercise Database of free military visual exercises! Learn how to perform the best military exercises using the correct technique.

We have 2 types of Exercises:

  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Equipment Exercises

We have 4 exercise categories:

The equipment we will use is a combination of what you will find in a Beaverfit and some other equipment ideas.

Equipment List:

Upper Pulling Exercises

Military Exercises Database Upper Pull

Upper Pulling Exercises (Body Weight)

(expecting everyone has access to a pull-up bar)

  1. Chin Up
  2. Pull Up
  3. Leg Tuck
  4. Alternated Grip Pull Up
  5. Jump-Catch-Pull Up

Upper Pulling Exercises (with Equipment)

  1. Pull-Ups Band Assisted
  2. Chin-Ups Band Assisted
  3. Leg Tuck Band Assisted
  4. Pull-Up Band Resistance
  5. Chin-Up Band Resistance
  6. Leg Tuck Band Resistance
  7. Hang Clean with Barbell
  8. Standing Lat Rips with Band
  9. Body Row on Dip Bar or Barbell Rack
  10. Bent Over Rows with Barbell
  11. Bent Over Rows with Kettlebells
    • Bent Over Rows with 2 Kettlebells
  12. Bicep Curls with Kettlebells
  13. Bicep Curls with Barbell
  14. Bicep Curls with Band
  15. Biceps Forehead Curls with Band
  16. Reverse Flys with Band (Elbows Straight)
  17. High Pulls with Band (Elbows Bent)
  18. Rear Dealt Squeeze with Band

Upper Pushing Exercises

Military Database Upper Push Exercises

Upper Pushing Military Exercises (Bodyweight)

  1. Pushup
  2. Hand Release Pushup (T-Pushup)
  3. Diamond Pushup
  4. Wide Pushup
  5. Plyometric Pushups

Upper Pushing Exercises (with Equipment)

  1. Push Up with Band Resistance
  2. Push Up (with Band Assistance)
  3. Dive-Bomber depth (Sandbags)
  4. Elevated Feet Pushup (Sandbags)
  5. Plyometric Pushup Side to Side (Sandbag)
  6. Depth Plyometric Pushups (Sandbags)
  7. Hand Release T-Pushup (with Band Resistance)
  8. Hand Release T-Pushup (with Band Assistance)
  9. Pushup on Medicine Ball
  10. Standing Overhead Presses with Barbell
    • with Kettlebells
    • with Plate
    • with Sandbag
  11. Upright Rows with Barbell
  12. Upright Rows with Band
  13. Front Shoulder Raises with Kettlebell(s)
    • with Sandbag
    • with Plate
  14. Lateral Shoulder Raises with Kettlebells
    • with Band
  15. Bodyweight Triceps Extension on Barbell Rack
  16. Dips on Dip-Bars
  17. Dip on Bench (or Barbell Rack Dip)
  18. Pike press (Sandbags)
  19. Over-Head Triceps Extention with Kettlebell
    • with Plate
    • with Sandbag
    • with Band
  20. Triceps Downward Extension (with Bands)
  21. Triceps Lateral Extension (with Bands)
  22. Overhead Press (with Band)

Lower Body Exercises

Military Exercises Lower

Lower Body Exercises (Bodyweight)

  1. Bodyweight squats
  2. Medicine ball squat
  3. Wall Sit
  4. Lunge (Body Weight)
  5. Car pushing
  6. Glute-Hip Raise
  7. Hamstring curl (band)
  8. Band good morning
  9. Step-ups
  10. Squat Jump
  11. Long Jump
  12. Lunge Jump
  13. 1 Leg Touchdowns

Lower Body Exercises (with Equipment)

  1. Deadlift with Barbell
  2. Deadlift with Kettlebell
  3. Squat with Barbell
  4. Squat with Kettlebell
  5. Lunge with Barbell
  6. Lunge with Kettlebell(s)
  7. Good-Mornings with Barbell
  8. Good-Mornings with Kettlebell(s)
  9. Romanian Deadlift with Barbell
  10. Romanian Deadlift with Kettlebells
  11. 1 Leg Touchdowns with Kettlebell

Core Exercises

Military Core Exercises

Core Exercises (Bodyweight)

  1. Crunch
  2. Bicycle Crunches
  3. Plank
  4. V-up
  5. Superman
  6. American twist
  7. Side crunch
  8. Flag
  9. Knee Hug 

Core Exercises (with Equipment)

  1. American Twist with Kettlebell
  2. American Twist with Plate
  3. Over Head Side Bends with Plate
  4. Overhead Side Bends with Kettlebell
  5. Standing Side Bends with Kettlebell
  6. Turkish Get-Ups with Kettlebell
  7. Rotational Chop with Bands
  8. Rotational Chop with Sandbag
  9. Rotational Twists with Band
  10. Kneeling Rollout with Barbell
  11. Pull-Throughs with Band
  12. Power Throw with Band

Conditioning Exercises

Military Exercises conditioning

Conditioning Exercises (Bodyweight)

  1. Burpee
  2. Burp
  3. Incline Burpee
  4. Sprints
  5. Hill Sprint
  6. Jog
  7. Jump Rope
  8. Side to Side Shuffle
  9. Side Shuffle
  10. Karaoke
  11. Backward Run
  12. Butt Kickers
  13. High Knees
  14. Band sprints
  15. Bear crawl
  16. Crab walk
  17. Medicine ball slam
  18. Medicine ball woodchopper
  19. Squat thrust
  20. Mountain climber
  21. Jumping jacks
  22. Split Jumps
  23. Lunge Jump
  24. Toe Taps
  25. Squat Jump

Conditioning Exercises (with Equipment)

  1. Kettlebell Swing
  2. Barbell Front Squat/Push Press
  3. Farmer’s Walk with Kettlebells
  4. Farmer’s Walk with Sandbags 
  5. Med Ball Slams 
  6. Sledgehammer Slams
  7. Deadlifts Kettlebell
  8. Deadlift Barbell
  9. Sandbag Clean and Press 
  10. Sandbag Shouldering
  11. Turkish Get-Ups
  12. Jump Rope
  13. Power Throw and Retrieve with Med Ball
  14. Rotational Chop with Med Ball
  15. Drag with Sled