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Military Motivation Music Video – Winner’s Mindset

Military Motivation Music Videos are crucial when we want to raise our standards on a daily. As we know life isn’t perfect, but as the Soldier’s Creed states “I will never quit”. Having sound good advice and motivation from our idols always makes it much easier to push ahead.

Here are all of our Military Motivation Music Videos on YouTube:

Military Motivation Music Videos Playlist

I know when I am going through tough times or when I want to be lasy, I just put on a Military motivation music video and I am ready to rock.

I hope you enjoy these Military Motivation Music Videos as much as I do. Below are the different categories you will find when listening to Combat Fit Now’s Military Motivation Music Videos.

Pre Workout Motivation Music & Speeches

Military Motivation Music Video – Against All Odds

As we all know, going to the gym is the hardest part. Once we get those gym clothes on and we are out the door the rest is “too easy”.

These music videos and speeches are for you to get motivated and get your ASS out that door. If you think for a second laying down or watching tv is a good idea, it’s NOT.

Play a Pre-Workout Motivation Music Video or Speech and you will find that energy to go. It never fails.

Motivational Music During Workout

YouTube Playlist: Motivational Music During Workout (click here)

  • Example Videos:
Motivational Music During Workout

Once we hit the gym we need to keep the motivation juices flowing.

Here at Combat Fit Now we only use the hardest beats with the finest instruments, mixed with the best motivational quotes known on earth.

Nothing will fuel your workout better than our Motivation Music During Workouts.

Military Running Motivation Speech and Music

We all need that inspiration when we go for those long runs. Here you will find the highest quality beats that will energize every step of your run. The motivational speakers in these videos will make sure you stay motivated. Quitting will never be an option.

Post Workout Motivation Music and Speeches

  • 1 – Post Workout Motivation Music (click to see the Playlist)
    • Example Video:
  • 2- Post Workout Motivation Speech (click to see the Playlist)
    • Example Video:

After our workouts, it is crucial we are grateful and build confidence!

We must not forget how lucky we are to have working limbs, be healthy and shit… be alive.

To remind ourselves how badass we are. We definitely have a job that many do not. We are paid to be serious ass-kicking & fit motherfuckers. Don’t forget that!

These motivational music videos and speeches will be a constant reminder of how lucky and badass you are. Remember we are confident, not cocky.