Prepare for Basic Training Workout – Lower Body

Use this top-notch lower body workout to prepare for basic training. We turn up the heat for the last time in our beginner program on this leg workout. If you can perform these lower body workouts comfortably, you will be ready for basic training.

Workout Summary

Program Boot-Camp Ready!
Main GoalBeginner Workout / Prepare for Basic Training
Workout TypeLower Body
Training LevelBeginner/Novice
Program DurationAs long as needed.
Time per Workout<60 min
1. Barbell
2. Olympic Weight Set
3. Bench or Box
Target GenderMale & Female
Recommended SupplementsWhey Protein & Multi-Vitamin
AuthorRobert Gibson
Beginner Military Workouts – Lower Body

Lower Body Workout to help Prepare for Basic Training

Step Ups12 ea LegBodyweight3
Lunge Barbell12 ea LegBar (45lb total)2
Squats (BW)12Bodyweight2
Wall Sit & Hold45 SecondsBodyweight2
Jump Squat10Bodyweight2
Prepare for Basic Training Workout – Lower Body

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