5 Packs Leg Tuck Assist Bands

  • 【Multi-Ways to Get More Fit】: You can do workout with various resistance levels by combining different bands. The resistance bands can not only help you with your pull-ups but also work perfectly with dumbbells, barbells. You can also use it to boost your front squat, push-up, and so much more.
  • 【Unique Accessories for More Fun】: The door anchor and self-designed press down handles work fantastically great with the bands, you can achieve your triceps press down exercise, high arm pull down, high band row anytime at home. Use the pull up assist bands fully with our accessories.
  • 【Safe & a Great Gift】: The 100% natural latex durable bands ensure safety, perfect for men and women, old and young, learning pull ups, chin ups, dips, stretching, power training or any other training. Workout your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt all at once with powerlifting bands.
  • 【Rehabilitation Exercise】:Great for functional training, yoga, and physical therapy, it helps strengthen torn ligaments or muscles. Heavy duty resistance bands are used for most muscle rehabilitation and muscular adaptation
  • 【Carry Bag & Reliable Warranty】: We are a customer-oriented team, customer FIRST, don’t hesitate to contact us please. Comes with an instruction book with detailed pictures and words, and an extra carry bag for you to put always the resistance bands quickly after workouts.

Helps you understand what a pull-up should feel like. Many people have been struggling to get their chins over the bar, thinking they’re using their muscles in the correct way, probably they are not!The band allows you to use correct form, helping you understand what muscles are working, while getting your chin over the bar into a full pull-up.


Helps you play with tempo and time. if you’ve got a band helping you, depending on the resistance, it’s going to be really easy to get your chin over the bar. If you tried the green band, you may feel like you could do pull-ups all day! Even though you have assistance, it’s important to still control the movement. Pausing at the bottom, holding at the top and taking a few seconds to lower back down . If you can already perform a couple of pull-ups, use the band to play around with tempo and time under tension.

The beauty of using resistance bands for training is that they can help lower the impact of exercises and help lessen tension, which protects your joints and muscles.


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