ACFT Workout Training Plan

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ACFT Workout Training Plan: Train for the New Army PT Test 

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Making a ACFT Workout Plan is NOT “Too Easy”!
This is your ​CHEATSHEET​ to create an effective ACFT workout on the fly.
No matter what day of the week it is. It is all here!

You have a lot to think about:
● How many Soldiers will I be training?
● How many Stations do I set up?
● What exercises do I pick?
● How many exercises can I complete in 60 minutes of PT?
● Am I targeting the correct muscles for the ACFT Event I want to train for?
● Do I have enough equipment?
● Is this workout going to be easy?
● Is this workout going to be too hard?
● Will I keep everyone motivated?
● How many Sets?
● Reps?
● Weight?
● How long should the Rest Period be?
● What is a good schedule to promote muscle recovery?

I made this eBook for:
1. NCOs or Soldiers who need an ACFT Workout Plan for PT.
2. All Soldiers who want to better themselves for the ACFT.
I know the pressures that come from a Platoon Sergeant. Especially when he or she comes up to you the night before (sometimes the morning of) and says ​”you need to lead PT”.
I have made this eBook for you! You can quickly go on your phone, open up the eBook, and have everything you need.

1 review for ACFT Workout Training Plan

  1. James

    VERY Structured plans. Great for PT.

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