Leg Tuck Progressive Workout Program



Who Is This Program For?

  1. Soldiers (regardless of age or gender) who are not able to perform 1 – 5 Leg Tucks.
  2. Anyone who wants to pass the Leg Tuck Event for the ACFT.
  3. New Army Recruits.
  4. Leaders who want to teach their Soldiers.
  5. Individuals who need a workout program that will not interfere with Army PT.

  6. Anyone who wants a simple Workout that takes 20 minutes. (Only 60-80 minutes a week).

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 Robert Gibson

  • Bachelors of Science – Ursinus College
  • Exercise Sport Science
  • US Soldier – Active Duty

 What You Need

You need a simple, proven, science-based workout plan that is:
  • Progressive and Easy to Start

  • Easy to Remember.

  • Easy to Track.

  • Quick & Efficient (Workouts = 20 Min).

  • Supplemental to Army PT (done on your own time).

  • So simple all you need to do is show up and get it done on a consistent basis.

Key Benefits & Features


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