Olympic 2-Inch Hex Bar

  • Two styles to choose from: Regular, Open-Back Design. Both bars have 1. 97″ bar end diameter to ensure bars fit all standard plates with holes 2″ or less
  • Both bars are made of fully solid heavy duty steel (not hollow) with more than 1000-Pound capacity. Designed for repeated use and long lasting
  • Extra long loadable sleeves allow you to load more weights. , which allows you to perform with a greater range of muscle contraction and development
  • Multiple knurling positions and lengths for your convenience and safety. Regular and raised handles give you more flexibility when you work with them
  • Product Weight: 45 Pounds (Regular), 77 Pounds (Open-Back). Bars ONLY. Collars and plates are NOT included


HulkFit Olympic 2-Inch Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar, 1000-Pound Capacity


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