Sprints with Bands (Back & Forth)

Sprints with Band (Back & Forth)

To perform proper Sprints with Band (Back & Forth), you must follow the below steps:


  1. Attach bands to a sturdy anchor point such as a fence post, pole, or tree. Secure the other end of the band to a speed harness, to your waist, or alternatively, another band fastened around your chest and shoulders.
  2. Place a target object around 10-15 yards from your starting point.

Exercise instructions:

  1. Assume starting sprint position.
  2. Sprint to your target object. As you approach the resistance from the band will increase, slowing you down considerably.
  3. Try to maintain full speed and maintain your forward lean into the band so that you are not catapulted backward.
  4. Stride slowly back to the starting position under control and repeat for the desired number of reps.


Video Instructions on How to Do Sprints with Band (Back & Forth)

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