Pull Up Bars

leg tuck

Leg Tuck

To do a proper Leg Tuck we must: Grab pull up bar with an Alternate Grip Hang off the bar – Body in a straight line Bend Elbows (no exact degree of angle) Bring both knees to both elbows Bring legs back to starting position (straight dead hang) When performing another rep you can NOT …

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jump catch pull up

Jump-Catch-Pull Up

To do a proper Jump-Catch-Pull Up we must: Lower yourself into a squat position. Explode upward, jumping into the air. While in the air, catch the bar with your hands. Immediately transition from the bar catch to a pull-up. Slowly lower yourself down to the dead-hang position. Repeat. combatfitnow.com

Pull Up

To do a proper pull up we must: Standing under a pull up bar, reach up and hold onto the bar with an overhand grip. Make sure your hands are about twice your shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms straight and hang from the bar so that your arms are taking all of your weight. Keeping …

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Chin Up

To perform a proper chin up we must: Step up to the bar and grasp it with your palms facing you and arms close together. Your arms should be fully extended. Cross your ankles and bend your knees, Pull your body up until your elbows are completely bent and close to your body, reaching your …

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