ACFT Hand Release Push Up Exercise List

The Muscles Used – ACFT Hand Release Push Up

The Best Exercises for Hand Release Push Up

Perform these exercises to increase your Hand Release Push Ups.

Quick Tip

  • Realize we want to stay off machines and benches
  • We want to use our core
  • This is a MUSCULAR ENDURANCE event
  • Not a Strength event

Top 5 Equipment Exercises

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  1. Band Assist Push Ups
  2. Band Resist Push Ups
  3. Plyo Push Ups w/ Equipment
    1. Side to Side
    2. In/Outs
  4. Med Ball Push Ups
  5. Shoulder Raises
    1. Front Raises
    2. Lateral Raises

Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises

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  1. Plyo Push Ups
    1. Regular
    2. Front Clap
  2. Push Ups – All Variations
    1. Knee
    2. Wide
    3. Hand Release
    4. Close
  3. Push Up on Incline
    1. High = Easy
    2. Low = Harder
  4. Push Ups Feet on Incline
  5. Body Triceps Extention

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Full Exercise List – Equipment Needed

The Best Exercises with equipment to Increase Your Hand Release Push Ups.

Alphabetical Order

  • Exercise List – Equipment
    • Body Triceps Ext on Bar
    • Dips on Dip Bar
    • Dips with Bench
    • Dive Bomber on Sandbags
    • Front Shoulder Raises with Plate
    • Lateral Shoulder Raises with Kettlebells
    • Plyometric Push Up – In Outs
    • Plyometric Push Up – Side to Side
    • Push Up on Incline
    • Push Up on Med Ball
    • Push Up with Band Assistance
    • Push Up with Band Resistance
    • Push Up with Feet on Incline
    • Standing Shoulder Press with Barbell
    • Triceps Ext Overhead with Band
    • Triceps Ext Overhead with Kettlebell
    • Triceps Ext Push Downs With Band
    • Up Right Row with Barbell
    • Weighted Push Up with Plate

Full Exercise List – Bodyweight (No Equipment)

Alphabetical Order

Below are more exercises you can perform to increase your Hand Release Push Up score.

  • Exercise List – Bodyweight (No Equipment)
    • -Close Grip Push Up (Diamond)
    • -Dive Bomber Push Ups
    • -Front Leaning Rest Position
    • -Hand Release Push Up (Arms Extended)
    • -Normal Push Up (Neutral Elbows)
    • -Pike Shoulder Press
    • -Plyometric Push Up – Regular
    • -Plyometric Push Up Options – Single Cap
    • -Push Up – Close/Military
    • -Push Up on Knees
    • -Push Up Wide (elbows out)
Dive Bomber on Sandbags

Dive Bombers

Do not use sandbags