Raise Your Standards

The Leg Tuck Blueprint

1. Lessons

Take the Lessons.
Learn What You Are Doing Wrong.

2. Workout Plan

Get The Solution.
Step by Step Leg Tuck Workout Plan

3. Training Log

Do Work!
Achieve Your 1st, 3rd & 5th Leg Tuck

The Leg Tuck Blueprint

It is as Simple as 1-2-3
Learn the Lessons
Get the Workout Plan
Complete Your Training Log

Army Boot Camp Workouts - Beginner Program


Beginner – Progressive Program

Get in Army Boot Camp Shape 

Reduce Body Fat 

Army Conditioning

60 Day Program

Progressive Leg Tuck Plan



  • Control Your Body on the Pull-Up Bar 
  • Get your 1st Leg Tuck 
  • Get Your 1st Chin Up & Pull Up
  • Perform Multiple Leg Tucks with Ease!


  1. Workout Plan
  2. Leg Tuck Training Course 
  3. Leg Tuck Training Log 
  4. Leg Tuck Goal Sheet

Bonuses: Training Log & Goal Sheet


Get Everything
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Science Based Programs

Rob Gibson
Rob Gibson - B.S. Exercise Sport Science / US Soldier.

All workouts are backed by Science and 10+ years of training experience.

Each course shows your progression status until you reach your goal. 

We serve all Soldiers who want to raise their standards when it comes to fitness.

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