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Putting together an educated workout plan for a large group of Soldiers is not an easy task.

Until NOW!

Please feel free to use the Workout Database for all group PT workouts and personal workouts.  

Please feel free to use our Exercise Database to ensure you, and all your squad members are executing proper exercise form and avoiding injury. 

With proper guidance and well-structured workout plans, we can all enhance our physical fitness and health, giving us an overall HEALTHY & STRONG MILITARY UNIT. 

Please share the knowledge and get us stronger, one Soldier at a time!

The Science Behind Your Workouts

Rob Gibson - B.S. Exercise Sport Science / US Soldier.

All workouts are backed by:

My experience & education: 

  • B.S. Exercises Sport Science – Ursinus College 
  • ACSM Based Curricular in College
  • NASM – Nationally Cert. Personal Trainer 
  • 10+ Years – Personal Training & Program Designing
  • Our Premium Programs.
  • A Step by Step Process to Achieve Your Individual Goals.
  • No Guess Work.
  • Strict Guidance. 

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